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Private piano lessons in Ottawa

Eleonora Bohdanova is a piano teacher with over 30 years of experience offering piano lessons to kids in Ottawa South in both English and Russian.

About Eleonora

Eleonora’s music education began at Children’s Music School #1 in Chernihiv, Ukraine, with a specialization in piano. To this day, she has incredibly positive memories of its teachers, as well as the creative atmosphere of the school, and in particular, her piano teacher, Natalia Bespalova. […]

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Piano lessons in Ottawa - Eleonora Bohdanova

About the Russian school of piano playing

“While I don’t believe there exists a Russian way of playing, I do recognize the Russian School of Piano teaching – the method historically proven by raising generations of accomplished musicians. One of the most important features of the School is the development of the piano apparatus based on a serious foundation of musical and medical knowledge. It is a well-known fact that many pianists suffer from all kinds of professional traumas due to inappropriate training in childhood. It is vital, therefore, to understand how our body functions. It’s also important to know which movement best suits the desired articulation, particular tone…. Then instead of hours of repetitive practicing one can achieve quality results much faster and be injury-free.”

— Rada Bukhman, in her interview with Shirley Kirsten

Practical piano

Starting with the basics and working up to progressively harder pieces. For kids 6 years+

Music theory

Fundamentals of the concepts and rules of music, including keys, rhythm, etc.

RCM exam prep

Preparation for Royal Conservatory of Music exams, levels 1 to 8

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